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Illinois State University - Teacher Education in Computer Science (TECS)

By producing qualified computer science teachers, ISU TECS supports growing efforts within our schools to prepare future citizens and employees for life in an increasingly technological world. Exciting new computer science middle-school and high-school courses with broad appeal to a wide array of students have now been designed, but in order to offer these, the schools need a large number of qualified and interested teachers.

The ISU TECS project offers a way to prepare computer science teachers, without their having to complete an additional college major or degree. This project has created a state-accepted program of study that leads to a subsequent or additional endorsement on an Illinois teaching license, in the field of computer science. Those who complete the program will be well-positioned to successfully teach a variety of computer science courses in the schools. This program of study can be followed by in-service teachers by completing courses at various institutions throughout the State of Illinois, and by ISU teacher education majors.

This website offers information for individuals seeking the endorsement through Illinois State as well as for teachers in the Chicago area, and for teachers elsewhere in the state.

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